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Professional CNC Lathe Machine Manufacturer

VMC300 CNC Machining Center

VMC550 CNC Machining Center

VMC640 CNC Machining Center

VMC650 CNC Machining Center

VMC850 CNC Machining Center

VMC1060 CNC Machining Center

VMC1270 CNC Machining Center

VMC1580 CNC Machining Center

CK46D-8 Slant Bed CNC Lathe

CK46P Slant Bed CNC Lathe

TCK40M TCK40P TCK46H  Slant Be

TCK42 TCK550TCK750 Slant Bed C

TCK50S  CNC Slant Bed CNC Lath

CK0640 CK0660 CK0680 Horizonta

CK6132 CNC Horizontal Flat Bed

CK6136 Horizontal Flat Bed CNC

CK6140 Horizontal Flat Bed CNC

CK6150 Horizontal Flat Bed CNC

CK6161 6166 6180 Horizontal Fl

CK6432 Horizontal Flat Bed CNC

CK6163 Heavy Duty CNC Lathe

CK6180 Heavy Duty CNC Lathe

CK6190 Heavy Duty CNC Lathe

CK61100 Heavy Duty CNC Lathe

CK61125 Heavy Duty CNC Lathe

CK61140 Heavy Duty CNC Lathe

CK61160 Heavy Duty CNC Lathe

QK1313 Pipe Thread CNC Lathe

QK1319 Pipe Thread CNC Lathe

QK1322 Pipe Thread CNC Lathe

QK1325 Pipe Thread CNC Lathe

QK1327 Pipe Thread CNC Lathe

QK1330 Pipe Thread CNC Lathe

QK1335 Pipe Thread CNC Lathe

QK1343 Pipe Thread CNC Lathe

QK1353 Pipe Thread CNC Lathe

QK1363 Pipe Thread CNC Lathe

Q1313 1319 1322 Pipe Thread La

Q1325 1327 1330 Pipe Thread La

Q1335 1343 1350 Pipe Thread La

WRC22 Wheel Repair CNC Lathe

WRC26 WRC28 Wheel Repair CNC L

WRC32VM Wheel Repair CNC Lathe

VTC600 Vertical CNC Lathe

VTC630 Vertical CNC Lathe

VTC850 Vertical CNC Lathe

CA Series Universal Lathe

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Professional CNC Lathe Machine Manufacturer

YUZHUO Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

YUZHUO Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of CNC machines.
Our company main products:CNC Milling Machine,CNC Machining Center. Flat Bed CNC Lathe, Slant bed CNC Lathe Turning Center. Heavy Duty CNC Lathe. Large Spindle Bore Pipe Threading CNC Lathe Machine,Wheel Repair CNC Lathe Machine,Vertical CNC Lathe ,Universal Lathe Machine and so on....【MORE+】


We have obtained CE, SGS certificate. Selling well in all cities and provinces around China, our products are exported to all over the world, especially to UK, US, Europe and Middle East countries.

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Professional CNC Lathe Machine Manufacturer

Professional CNC Lathe Machine Manufacturer
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  • Double-spindleturning-millingcompoundmachinetoolcanmakealltheprocessedtoolscompletealltheboring,turning,drilling,andmillingprocessesinoneclampingproce...
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